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Visual Paranormal


​(718) 351-9063

The doll from Toy Story in need of paranormal investigations in New York

Have you ever experienced some unexplained activity? Witnessed possibly paranormal activity that makes you feel fearful in your home or business? Then call Visual Paranormal Investigations now. We are experts at real paranormal investigations and we will come to your home to capture these unworldly occurrences on camera.

Experience Unbelievable Truths 

Despite the many advances in science by man, the world is still a very strange and unknown place. Things happen every day that cannot be explained away as coincidence or superstition. Come with us as we venture into the hidden side of our shadowed world and witness examples of a reality that we are not fully aware of.

Our skills in performing paranormal investigations are second to none, and we will adamantly pursue any paranormal leads that we can find. If you have experienced strange events in your home or property, call us today. We freely travel to the areas around Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Vermont.

Discover That Which Is Hidden

We are dedicated to uncovering the hidden facts that exist throughout the world. Our videos are meant for real enlightenment and not entertainment. As such, we verify every source of paranormal activity, and unless we can sufficiently capture said activity on camera, we will not add it to our videos.

Let no one question the validity of our trade—paranormal events are real, and our job is to bring them to light. If you have information about a location in need of paranormal investigations, our number is (718) 351-9062. You can also fill out the form on our contact page and we will get back to you via email.

If you are experiencing Any Paranormal activity in your home, office or business Please contact us on our CONTACT page. We are here to help.

Real Paranormal Investigation in

New York