​​Currently we are accepting locations from the NY, NJ, CT, and PA area. If you are within these locations and are experiencing paranormal activity feel free to contact us on our CONTACT page. We will respond to all requests as quickly as possible. ~ VPI 

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Do you live in a house that you suspect is haunted?  Do you have a business, hotel, or other location that has exhibited paranormal activity?  Would you like to personally experience what we experience while on an investigation.  Paranormal Access is open to anyone who has subscribed to our webpage.
More details to follow.  
Please use our contact page to schedule your Paranormal Access.




UPDATE:  Below is  new "Paranormal Access" video "Ghostly Residents

Visual Paranormal


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Many thanks to you and Nell for including me in your first residential paranormal investigation of my home. 
The experience proved invaluable as well as informative. Without yet hearing about what was found through the equipment, our personal experiences without the camera on was satisfactory to me. The level of expertise and professionalism that you both displayed clearly outlined the process so that I had an understanding of how to actively be a part of the investigation. Much respect for your honest dedication and tireless contributions towards finding answers in the paranormal field. 
Debbie Franks 

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Steve has been a family friend for as far back as my memory goes. I have considered him a brother and friend and a truly gracious and wonderful addition to my life. We had lost touch for years, so I didn't know about Steve's work with Visual Paranormal Investigations and I only met Nell a short time ago. It saddens me that it took my brother Fiore's death to understand what it is that Steve and Nell do on their investigations. But because of that tragedy, I feel that I have proof of an afterlife I always felt was real. The investigation at my brother/parents home was done so professionally and with painstaking detail. It is awe-inspiring to see them at work and how they will only accept concrete, proveable voices, noises, light anomolies, etc. and never add their own interpretations. Anyone should take comfort knowing that what you see on this video is truly what happened without embellishment or personal opinion. This investigation was a real eye-opener and in no way frightening. Steve and Nell are fantastic at what they do and are both very easy to get along with and work with. Not only I am grateful to have had this experience, I am looking forward to another!