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Visual Paranormal


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Although this is not technically a video blog we think it is an interesting interview and tour of the haunted Burlington County Prison Museum. This interview was conducted prior to an investigation of this historic location. Featured is Marisa Bozarth the curator of the museum.

If you are ever in Burlington New Jersey it's well worth a visit. ~ VPI

Our friend RJ shares her impressions of the final Farm Colony investigation. She had no prior knowledge of where in the colony the nights investigation would take place.

Explore The Darkness
VISUAL PARANORMAL investigations, beyond television.

 Edward on his way to our next two investigations, The Shanley Hotel and the final chapter of the Farm Colony.

Edward and Steve preparing for  their finial investigation of the Farm Colony. 10 / 3 / 15 

Welcome To Our Video Blog 

 Visual Paranormal Ouija board graphic designed by our friend Gabriel Dessalces

Our friend RJ  creates a "spirit bag" as an aid for us during our final investigation of the Farm Colony.

Here will be present short behind the scenes videos from our up coming investigations and the locations we visit. We will also be posting  informational videos about the equipment we use and how it works.  We hope you will find these short videos both interesting and entertaining ~ VPI