You may notice paranormal activity on your property, but you don’t know how to prove it to others.

Fortunately, the investigators at Visual Paranormal Investigations have the experience and tools to examine the paranormal activity and bring it to the public’s eye. We document our experiences through paranormal video. We then use our videos to divulge our findings and to educate the public.

Watch Our Videos

You can learn from a wide variety of videos that show many of our intensive paranormal investigations. Both historical and eyewitness accounts help us know how to best conduct our investigation. During each investigation, we use advanced tools to detect the presence of paranormal activity.

By interacting with departed spirits in a home or business, we can uncover the truth of what happened at a certain location and help the departed spirits find peace. By creating paranormal video of relevant investigations, we hope to educate the public about the many paranormal activities that occur all around us.

If you would like us to investigate an area with paranormal activity, contact us at (718) 351-9063 to discuss your case. Otherwise, please view our videos above. You can also view our full collection on our YouTube channel, where you can subscribe to our channel and get all the latest video updates.

Please visit our YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button.  You can  easily visit our channel by hitting the YouTube button below. Your subscription helps us to grow our channel. Thank you.

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